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Posted by Craig Maxwell on Nov 19, 2019 4:14:55 PM
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One of things we often get requests for here at SalesHud is to be able to populate LinkedIn profile URLs into Salesforce.


However, when digging deeper into this use case we discover that most of the time Sales Development Reps just want a quicker way of getting to a prospects LinkedIn profile from inside an existing Salesforce record (Salesforce used to have this as a social button as default but shelved it)...
Here's some good news, it's real easy to recreate this as a Salesforce Administrator, and this guide will show you how to build your own lightweight LinkedIn integration for Salesforce using what's sometimes referred to as a "URL hack".

The use case:
You want to get your sales team right into the LinkedIn profile of a lead so they can research that lead before making a qualification call.

The solution:
We're going to create a neat little URL button that you can add to your records page layouts in just a few minutes (It's super simple).

Here's how it works:
A LinkedIn search URL is hardcoded into your custom Salesforce button and the search parameters of record being viewed are inserted into this URL using Salesforce merge fields, for example:


Becomes when clicked:


Here's what your button should look like:

  1. Display Type: Detail Page Button
  2. Behaviour: Open link in new tab
  3. Content Source: URL
  4. Code:


    Add this to your page layouts:


    Go and give it a try and if you need more, check out SalesHud we specialise in building beautiful apps that salespeople love!

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